Architect          Sedhiou, Senegal           Developed in group of 4 people           Not built      

Concept and Architecture for Competition | Professional Project

Project developed for the 2019 Kaira Looro contest for the development of a Peace Pavilion in the Casamance region, in Sedhiou, Senegal. The challenge was to create a space for exhibition, contemplation and awareness in honor of the war victims in the region that left marks still chosen a decade later.

“The “Peace Pavilion” project in the city of Sedhiou aims to be a reference point for raising awareness among local and international communities, a space in which to promote and foster peace, a structure that is contemplative and multifunctional, capable of providing the region with an identity through the values of memory and solidarity. The challenge is to design an architecture that commemorates the countless lives lost in Africa’s wars and that gives material shape to the significance of peace, with respect for the environment and for local traditions. Contestants will have to convey this theme through a unique and striking design that also integrates itself within the context, creating a structure that is destined to become a symbol of memory for the entire continent, capable of bringing humility and awareness to the landscape, both culturally and thematically.” Text taken from the tender guidelines document.