Who am I?

My name is Juliana, I am a Graphic Designer and graduate Architect + Urbanist based in Brazil (for now). I have a Bachelor degree in Architecture + Urbanism from UFPR and a technological university degree in Graphic Arts by UTFPR, both in Curitiba, Brazil. I have worked in communication, marketing and architecture offices, and local/federal institutions for Heritage Conservation which gave me much experience. Between 2017 and 2019 I’ve lived in Milan where I completed my master’s degree in Urban Vision and Architectural Design at Domus Academy, obtaining a maximum score of 110/110 cum laude.

My academic background has always been focused on combining my field of action to the human element, seeking humanitarian solutions through design. As a Graphic Designer I participated in 2010 in a research project on sustainable materials in the graphic field as part of my undergraduate thesis. As an Architect, for my graduation thesis in 2012, I developed a requalification project for a central neighborhood in my city, Curitiba. The methodology used was very participative, developing a research focused on understanding and addressing the needs of the local residents. As a Graduate student I had the opportunity to work in 2018 as an intern in Arcò collaborative architectural office, in Milan. The office is dedicated to the production of sustainable architecture, seeking to address and solve the different humanitarian emergency problems, and there I could be in direct contact with a collaborative way of design thinking, putting the human element on the center of design solutions.

I am deeply interested in participative design solutions that address collective memory and critical needs of marginalized communities. My enthusiasm for the subject is certainly reflected in my work, since I try to consistently incorporate such concerns within the architecture/urban design framework. I envision design as a key solution to a lot of everyday problems and my goal in life is to further our progress by solving real world problems through design and its prowess.

Currently I am looking for opportunities to collaborate with exceptional architects/designers, learn from them and create responsable architectural solutions. I am willing to move across the globe and love to experience new cultures, which I believe enriches my design.

Finally, during my career, I’ve had good experience in the integral development of a project from the preliminary phase to the execution being able to develop technical / executive drawings. I have excellent knowledge and use of Autocad software, Office package and Adobe Creative as well as a good knowledge of 3D modeling and rendering software. I’m very good at working in a team, responsible and a quick learner.

Wanna know more? Check out my LinkedIn profile.